Chart: Iamblichus' analysis of manifestations of beings by class, from De Mysteriis

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Chart: Iamblichus' analysis of manifestations of beings by class, from De Mysteriis
  Iamblichus, Manifestations (ἐπιφανείας) of various classes of being , from  De mysteriis , Book Basis for translation: Clarke, Dillon, and Hershbell, Iamblichus On the Mysteries, 2003. Chart by Jonathan Henry, May 2014   GODSARCHANGELSANGELSSOULS DAEMONSHEROESRULERS OF COSMOSRULERS OF MATTER Appearances UniformApproximately like divine causes (θείοις αἰτίοις) Simpler than DaemonsVariedVaried, but orderlyVaried, more imperfect than ArchangelsManifold forms Intensity of Appearances A pleasant shiningSolemn, gentle (milder than angels)Greater intensity than ArchangelsFrighteningGentler than DaemonsAstonishingHarmful, painfulLike Heroes, but inferior Alterability Totally unchanging (size, shape, formation)Like Gods, but lesserDo not change, but inferior to ArchangelsChange size, shape, and appearanceSimilar to Daemons, subject to changeUnchangingMany formsChangeable in an inferior degree to Daemons Turbulance/ Tranquility Orderly and tranquilOrderly and tranquil, but with an active qualityOrderliness, but with motionTumultuous and disorderlyImpelled on in motion, change occursSteadfastly abiding in themselvesTumultuousLike Heroes, but inferior Beauty Transcendent, wonderful, unspeakbale, symmetrical beautyExtreme beauty, but of a lesser degree than the GodsPartial, divided beauty, received from the ArchangelsBeauty, distinctly marshalled and arranged (in direct visions as a pneumatic spirit)Beauty that displays courage (in direct visions as a pneumatic spirit)Dominant and self-srcinating beautyBeauty of form that is artificial and contrivedOne form for each individual soul, arranged in limited proportions Efficacious Speed Though perfectly still, they are faster than intellect (νόος) in their actions (ἐν ταῖς ἐνεργείαις) Very fast movements, somehow mixed with their efficacious workings (apparently not concrete motions)Actual motion takes place; actions must be completed in timeAppear to be faster than they areNoble in movement, slower than DaemonsRemarkable, powerfulMake a greater impresssion, but are less efficient in fulfillmentMore mobile, but weaker. Magnitude of Epiphanies Enormous magnitude: Heavens and celestial orbs obscured, earthquakesComponents in the world move, light is divided before their own illuminationSmaller manifestation of light than that of ArchangelsLight is even more divided; actual magnitude variesLess light than Daemons, but a greater spiritExceedingly large in appearanceAffected and boastful appearanceSmaller than heroes, much more varied Vividness of Self-Revelatory Images More vivid than the truth itself; sharp, and in brilliant detailTrue and perfectSame as Archangels, but image displays less cognitive perfectionObscureInferior to DaemonsClearObscureShadowy Degree of Light Brighter than lightFull of supernatural lightBrightGlow of smouldering fireFire mixed with diverse elementsRelatively pure fireFire mixed from disparate, opposed elementsLight is patchy, mixed with the residue of the realm of generation Division or Simplicity of Fire Indivisible and inexpressable fireUndivided fire, with a preceding or trailing massDivided fire (in most cases)Fire divided even smaller; describable, and even visible to those who are gifted to seeFire similar to Daemons, but with greater variationTransparent fireMurky fireDiverse fire, blended with many other elements Stability of Fire StableRelatively stablePermanently in motionUnstableMore unstable than DaemonsStillTumultuousVarious movements Effect on the soul Perfect purification of soulsAnagogic effectLoosen bonds of matter (τῶν δεσμῶν τῆς ὕλης)Draw souls down toward nature (εἰς τὴν φύσιν) Lead souls down to concern with perceptible worksLeadership over cosmic affairsAuthority over material affairsProvoke a tendency toward generation Purity/Stability of Image in a Vision Wholly superior, transcendent, based only on itself Brilliant, but appears to be based on something elseBrilliant, but certainly based on something else Degree of Mixture in Manifestation UnmixedMixed with cosmic vapors; unstableAdmixture of generative accumulation of pneumatic aurasRemain in the same state - cosmic powerContaminated with material fluidsExcessive pollutions Mode of Consumption of Matter Use all matter at onceConsume for a short timeDissolve and absorb matterHarmonious organization of matterAdaptation and shrewd management of matterSuperior to matterWholly taken up with matterPure souls: wholly removed from matter; Composite souls: encompassed by it Resultant Gifts from Manifestation Healthy body, virtuous soul, purity of intellect, general elevation of the person; removes cold and destructive element, increasese vital heat, light, etc. Like appearance of Gods, but gifts are inferior to Gods' (if gifts are even conveyed)More particular gifts, and far short of the perfect lightWeighs down and afflicts the body with disease; does not remove sense perception (αἰσθήσεως); drags the soul down to nature (ἐπὶ τὴν φύσιν), and holds back those who are hastening toward the divine fire; does not loosen the chains of fateSimilar to Daemons in most ways, but arouses people to noble and great deedsCosmic gfits, useful for lifeMaterial, earthly giftsSouls established in the order of angels: elevating and salutory to the soul, accompanies and strengthens holy hope; Composite souls: leads downward to generation, ruins fruit of hope, fills the beholding body with binding passions Order and Arrangement Surrounded by Gods or ArchangelsEscorted by many AngelsAccompanied by workings appropriate to their rank Punitive (τιμωρῶν) Daemons: display forms of punishment; other wicked Daemons: surrounded by harmful, savage, bloody beastsManifest with certain cosmic goods (κοσμικὰς) Attract the disorder and faultiness of matterWhole soul seen as a formless fire, manifesting the All; Purified soul: unmixed, undefiled fire; Composite soul: manifest with chains and punishments, weighed down by concretions of material spirits, submitted to Daemons in charge of generation Fineness of Radiated Light (a sort of hypostatization?) Intollerably fine - they take over the air; human eyes are unable to breathe (ἀναπνεῖν) it in, and become weak.Humans are unable to breathe it in, but it is more bearable than that of the gods.Leave air temparature bearable, and theurgists may interface (συνάπτεσθαι) with it. Air is not affected, and they do not occupy or take over it; they are not preceeded by light that would allow them to manifest their form; they have no bright radiance.Certain parts of the air move, and noises echo around, but the air remains tolerable for theurgists. The air that manifests is more like the souls; attaches to the souls, and receives their forms. Resulting Dispositions in the Beholder Beholder receives a perfection, freed from and superior to passions, participation in a divine love and gladness of mind.Beholder receives a pure settled state, intellectual contemplation and stable power.Beholder receives a rational wisdom, truth, pure virtue, firm knowledge, and proportional order.Beholder receives a desire for the realm of generation, lust for nature (τῆς φύσεως ἐπιθυμίαν), fulfillment of "works decreed by fate" (εἱμαρμένην ἔργων ἀποπλήρωσιν), and power to complete these activities.Beholder receives the characteristics of heroes, and participate in many zealous pursuits relating to the commitments of souls.Beholder is moved in soul in line with cosmicality (κοσμικὰς). Beholder is moved in soul in line with materiality (ἐνύλους) The beholder aims at generative desires and related cares for the body, and other subordinate matters. Other Resulting Effects Beholder receives truth, power, success in deeds, and gifts of the greatest good.Beholder receives truth, not in regard to everything, but inconsistently, and only in regard to some things.Beholder receives good things, with fewer limitations than what one receives from archangels.Beholder receives nothing good for the soul, but only for the body, and then only as permitted by the order of the cosmos. Beholder receives goods of the second and third order, aimed at government of terrestrial and cosmic souls as a whole. Beholder receives cosmic goods.Beholder receives great advantage in material things. Beholder receives the goods of human life (βίον). Self-Presentation INTERMEDIATE CLASSESARCHONS Carried this way and that; not fixed; permeated with alien natures (ἀναπεπλησμένον ἀλλοτρίων φύσεων) An escort of numerous apparitions surround them; difficult to bear, but no hypercosmic refinement occurs. If the theurigcal rite has been done correctly, all of the above categories of being will divulge only truth about themselves; errors in theurgic technique may result in the image of an inferior form of apparition (φάντασμα), which seek to deceive the beholder with boastful speeches. These phantasms do not derive from the gods in the same way as the classes of beings listed above.
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