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  CASO CLOCKY Paula 1.   What are the key marketing challenges facing Gauri Nanda? 2.   How would you prioritize them in terms of which are the most crucial effectively bring her new product? Mariana 3.   Nanda has several options for positioning Clocky? How would you segment the potential market for Clocky? 4.   Are the additional segments other than “Need” and “Fun” Target markets outlined in the case? On which target market segments should Nada focus? Jose Carlos 5.   Outline the value proposition appropriate for each target market segment 6.   Which of the proposition options are the most feasible given the product development of Clocky to date and Nanda’s goals, resources and capabilities? Danny 7.   Do you see the positioning options are the most valuable to Nanda given her aspirations as an entrepreneur? 8.   Which of the positioning options are the most valuable to Nanda given her aspirations as an entrepreneur? TODOS 9.   Given your chosen positioning option, recommend the key components of a marketing launch plan for Clocky. Include recommendations on Clocky´s product design/features (real recommendations, make a strong research, do not be lazy) and manufacturing location, pricing, retail channels and distribution plan, and marketing communications. Be sure that your launch plan recogn izes Nanda’s budgetary constrains. Priscilla 10.   What are the rewards and the risks of the flurry of media attention surrounding Clocky on year prior to its launch? 11.   How can Nanda better capture the rewards and minimize the risks? How would you manage continued media interest given the product is not completed?
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