Cold War in the 1960s Lecture #3

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Cold War in the 1960s Lecture #3
  Lecture 3: American Cold War Culture & Notions of The James S. Thomas Family Watches TV in Vienna, Virginia, 1958  Outline  National Mythologies: What Does America Owe the World?  Life in the Atomic Age   A Veneer of Conformity  The Second Red Scare  Conclusions  National Mythologies  Idealism or realism? •  A global force for good? •  A nation motivated by economics and self- interest?  Neutrality or alliance; engagement or isolation?  Problems of religion, race, and gender •The “chosen” in a world of “others”   • The gendered language of nationhood and foreign relations The XYZ Affair The War of 1898  Representations of Race and Gender  …    Saving the (Feminine) Cubans from Themselves?
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