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Dezerae Taylor AVID 10
  Dezerae Taylor AVID 10 March 19, 2014 Cardinal Stritch Reflection One thing that struck me from the visit was how many people went there and how amazing the food was but, I also liked the quiet atmosphere there. It was awesome. If I could go back I would. It struck me because it was better than any other visit to any college I have ever been to. The building was very big and it had lots of room for people to move around to where they needed to be. One thing I can change so that im better prepared for college is I could try to work for a 4.0 grade point average in a row. That would help me a lot. Some specific goals I have for myself to achieve is I want to challenge myself more and see what I can stand and what else I need work on. I also need to ask people and teachers for help if I ever need any help on anything. I don’t   think I am too reliant on teachers because if there’s something I am missing I would usually check the grade book myself and get anything im missing, complete it, and turn it in. I think I am willing to do homework just to practice  –   even if it isn’t chec ked because it just goes to show anything I already know and something I need to work on. I do like the idea of going to college but, I am willing to do all of my work to go there. I am willing to do anything to get to college. I really want to go to college. I want my education. How I am using high school to begin to become more independent and taking charge of my success is I am turning in my homework on time, I’m getting help from teachers and students on what I have trouble with, and I am also using my technology less to get my work done. I think I am ready to be competing with others that are willing to fight hard to be successful and I also think I am currently fighting hard to be successful because I am turning my homework on time, I am getting help from teachers, tutors, and students on things I need help with, im using my technology less, and I usually do homework on my spare time. I all I think I am doing a very well job at working hard to achieve my goals. I just hope some of my techniques can rub off on my siblings, to motivate them to do the right thing in high school and anywhere else they might go. Sincerely, Dezerae P.S. I want the best for myself and I know everyone that looks up to me wants me to do my best to achieve my goal.
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