Discrimination against woman: A look into Vietnamese society

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Discrimination against woman: A look into Vietnamese society
  1 Name: Tran Nguyen Phuong Thanh ID: 1507 Class: Academic English 3 –  Academic Writing School: Vietnamese-German University Topic: Write a five-paragraph essay about the causes and effects of discrimination against women. ---------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DISCRIMINATION AGAINST WOMEN: A LOOK INTO VIETNAMESE SOCIETY Discrimination against women is not only common in Vietnam, but in most places it is widely tolerated or explicitly condoned. Discrimination against women is any act or thought that implies or practices unequal treatment to women based solely on their gender. The causes and effects of the case of discrimination against women in Vietnam will be accordingly discussed. Vietnamese history saw the Chinese colonization for over one thousand years; because of which, the male-dominated feudalism was prevalent in Vietnam for most of its early history. Discrimination against women in Vietnam srcinated from the feudal system granting men the majority of social and political power. Discrimination gradually became, or more accurately, is incorporated into every family’s social life. In Vietnam, it is acceptable for men to be polygamous, while for women, it is considered not of proper manner, or sometimes proof of disloyalty if one woman does love more than one man.  2 There are many consequences that discrimination against women encloses. Discrimination based on gender leads to inequality and is a problem in workplaces everywhere on Earth. Discrimination leads to violation of women’ s rights. Women are treated unfairly, are paid lower than men, are the frequent subjects of harassment and sexual assaults. In Vietnam, there is a consensus among elders that a woman should not strive for higher education, for the long-held belief that men do not approve of their partners being more intelligent or superior to them in some way. Discrimination against women branched out from history and has hurt women as well a s posed inequality in Vietnam’s society. Discrimination against women is both a crime to women and a serious violation to human rights, especially women’s rights. Since the time of women rebel leaders such as Hai Ba Trung, Ba Trieu, there has developed much appreciation for women nowadays in Vietnamese society; but this disparity is still lurking in the people’s everyday thoughts and actions. To truly end discrimination is a long war against unfair or obsolete traditions and beliefs. In the hope that future generations will enjoy a fair and equal society, we must act now. [Word count: 356]
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