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Guidelines for the Measurement of Ambient Air Pollutants Volume-I Guidelines for Manual Sampling & Analyses (Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India) CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD Parivesh Bhawan, East Arjun Nagar Delhi- 110032 Website: May, 2011 NAAQS Monitoring & Analysis Guidelines Volume-I Contribution Overall Guidance & Supervision Sh. J. S. Kamyotra Dr. D. Saha Laboratory experiments & Drafting of Guidelines Air Laboratory Dr. D. Saha Dr. S. K. Ty
  Guidelines for the Measurement of Ambient AirPollutants  Volume-I CENTRAL POLLUTION CONTROL BOARD   (Ministry of Environment & Forests, Govt. of India )   Parivesh Bhawan, East Arjun Nagar    Delhi- 110032   Website: May, 2011   Guidelines for  ManualSampling & Analyses  NAAQS Monitoring & Analysis Guidelines Volume-I   i ContributionOverall Guidance & Supervision Sh. J. S. KamyotraDr. D. Saha Laboratory experiments & Drafting of GuidelinesAir Laboratory Dr. D. SahaDr. S. K. TyagiSh. A. K. SenDr. R. C. SrivastavaSh. A. PathakSh. M. SatheeshSh. Ramesh ChandSh. Fasiur RehmanMs. Shaveta Kohli Instrumentation Laboratory Dr. Somendra SinghSh. B. K. Jena Editing, Charts & Computer Setting  Dr. D. SahaSh. Fasiur RehmanMs. Shaveta Kohli  NAAQS Monitoring & Analysis Guidelines Volume-I   ii BackgroundGuidelines for Sampling and Measurement of notified Ambient Air QualityParameters (NAAQS 2009) Under the provisions of the Air (Prevention & Control of Pollution) Act, 1981, theCPCB has notified fourth version of National Ambient Air Quality Standards(NAAQS) in 2009. This revised national standard aims to provide uniform airquality for all, irrespective of land use pattern, across the country. There are 12identified health based parameters, which are to measure at the national level andwith a view to have data comparison, need for uniform guidelines for monitoring,sampling, analyses, sample flow chart, data sheet based on standard method hasbeen felt.The methods prescribed in the notification for respective parameters are thecombination of physical method, wet-chemical method and continuous on-linemethod. Therefore, to meet the NAAQS requirement, a combination of both manualand continuous method is invariably required at each monitoring location, besidesgood laboratory set up and infrastructure.In addition to the above, an in house exercise for applicability of all prescribed /recommended analytical methods was also felt necessary. After review anddemonstration in the Central Laboratory, Delhi, guidelines are being prepared anddocumented, as under:1.   Volume – I: Guidelines for manual sampling and analyses (along with sampleflow chart and data sheets)2.   Volume-II: Guidelines for continuous sampling and real time analyses Note: Guidelines are laboratory and infrastructure specific thus may not be applicable uniformly and need todevelop based on infrastructure and expertise  NAAQS Monitoring & Analysis Guidelines Volume-I   iii NATIONAL AMBIENT AIR QUALITY STANDARDS (2009) Pollutants Time WeightedAverage   Concentration in Ambient Air Methods of MeasurementIndustrial,Residential,Rural andother AreasEcologicallySensitive Area(Notified byCentralGovernment)Sulphur Dioxide(SO 2 ), µg/m 3   Annual *24 Hours **50802080-Improved West and Gaeke Method-Ultraviolet Fluorescence Nitrogen Dioxide(NO 2 ), µg/m 3  Annual *24 Hours **40803080-Jacob & Hochheiser modified(NaOH-NaAsO 2 ) Method-Gas Phase Chemiluminescence Particulate Matter(Size less than 10µm)or PM 10  , µg/m 3  Annual *24 Hours **6010060100-Gravimetric-TEOM-Beta attenuation Particulate Matter(Size less than 2.5µm)or PM 2.5  , µg/m 3  Annual *24 Hours **40604060-Gravimetric-TEOM-Beta attenuation Ozone (O 3 )µg/m 3  8 Hours *1 Hour **100180100180-UV Photometric-Chemiluminescence-Chemical Method Lead (Pb)µg/m 3  Annual *24 Hours **0.501.00.501.0-AAS/ICP Method after sampling onEPM 2000 or equivalent filter paper-ED-XRF using Teflon filter Carbon Monoxide(CO),mg/m 3  8 Hours **1 Hour **02040204-Non dispersive Infrared (NDIR)Spectroscopy Ammonia (NH 3 ),µg/m 3  Annual *24 Hours **100400100400-Chemiluminescence-Indophenol blue method Benzene (C 6 H 6 ),µg/m 3  Annual * 05 05 -Gas Chromatography (GC) basedcontinuous analyzer-Adsorption and desorption followedby GC analysis Benzo(a)Pyrene (BaP)Particulate phase only,ng/m 3  Annual * 01 01 -Solvent extraction followed byHPLC/GC analysis Arsenic (As),ng/m 3  Annual * 06 06 -AAS/ICP Method after sampling onEPM 2000 or equivalent filter paper Nickel (Ni),ng/m 3  Annual * 20 20 -AAS/ICP Method after sampling onEPM 2000 or equivalent filter paper * Annual Arithmetic mean of minimum 104 measurements in a year at a particular site taken twice a week 24 hourly atuniform intervals.** 24 hourly or 8 hourly or 1 hourly monitored values, as applicable, shall be complied with 98% of the time in a year. 2% ofthe time, they may exceed the limits but not on two consecutive days of monitoring. NOTE: Whenever and wherever monitoring results on two consecutive days of monitoring exceed the limits specified abovefor the respective category, it shall be considered adequate reason to institute regular or continuous monitoring and furtherinvestigations.
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