Parameters of protocol choice for Recorded Test Testing

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Recorded Text Tests (RTTs) are commonly employed in language surveys to measure comprehension of related speech varieties. One contribution made by Gary F. Simons in _Language Variation and Limits to Communication_ (Simons 1979) is a taxonomy of such
  Choice of Protocols for Recorded Text TestingDouglas W. Boone – Chiang Mai, Thailand – Septemer !"## Dr Gary Simons (Simons 1979:18) has proposed a taxonomy of intelligibility testing methods, noting that they “an be lassified aording to the follo!ing six dihotomies": · #ang$age of response % (&erna$lar, 'ommon) · ode of response % (ral, *ritten) · +ormat of test % ($estion-ans!ering, .etelling) · Soring method % ($antitati/e, $alitati/e) · So$re of text % (0liited, ranslated) · Sampling $nit % (Gro$ps, 2ndi/id$als) o these may be added: · ode of stim$l$s % (.eorded, #i/e) 3robably for o$r p$rposes !e !ill al!ays !ant o$r tests to be oral responses to eliited (nat$ral) texts4 · Standard .: 2ndi/id$als5 pri/ate ans!ers in the /erna$lar to reorded 6$estions are sored 6$antitati/ely4 · .apid ppraisal .:  gro$p5s p$bli retelling (in either a ommon lang$age or their /erna$lar) to a li/e a$diene is sored 6$alitati/ely4hese may be onsidered the extreme ases in a family of methods4 Dr4 Simons ad/oates implementing for any gi/en s$r/ey the optimal method (i4e4 one that pro/ides the most information at the least ost) for that s$r/ey4 2n an exploratory s$r/ey (a .apid ppraisal), if a lo!-ost . is not feasible, no intelligibility testing !ill be done4 2n a dialet s$r/ey, the more nat$ral ($lt$rally appropriate) approahes sho$ld be hosen4 dapted from Simons, Gary +4 1979 1984 #ang$age &ariation and #imits to 'omm$niation4Dallas, exas: S$mmer 2nstit$te of #ing$istis4
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