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Career Objective: To be a part of an organization and explore my talents and potential to the core where I can work based on what I can do rather than what I did so far and to be the best of the better people.
    AMESH.V  #4, 16th Cross, Sir M.V Nagar, Ramamurthy Nagar Bangalore   !6""16 M#B$%E& '!()4)4*6+   EM $% & Ramesh*"11-gmail.om  Career #/0eti,e& o /e a 2art o3 an organiation an5 e2lore my talents an5 2otential to the ore 7here $ an 7or8 /ase5 on 7hat $ an 5o rather than 7hat $ 5i5 so 3ar an5 to /e the /est o3 the /etter 2eo2le. Career Sna2shot& 9or8 E62eriene : Cor2orate 1raining   See8ing a res2onsi/le 2osition, ( years o3 e2eriene, in a 5ynami om2any 7hih ;ies me an o22ortunity to 3ruit3ully a22ly my s8ills an5 3oster an atmos2here o3 Continual learning. E2eriene&  1 yr ' months o3 e2eriene, 7or8ing as Aounts Eeutie 3or rion $n3oteh <riate %t5 =rom 14th >an *"14 to ( r5  No, *"1!.   ?ey res2onsi/ilities:5uties ▪   ;oo5 9or8ing 8no7le5ge o3 A%%@ ER<. ▪   Maintaining Boo8s o3 Aounts u2 to 5ate. ▪   A goo5 7or8ing 8no7le5ge o3 7or8ing in SA< SS Billing <lat3orm 3or $noie ▪   Ca2a/le o3 <re2aring the Re2orts %i8e =ore ;ain:%oss, VA, ▪   A goo5 9or8ing ?no7le5ge o3 Maintaining the <etty Cash 3or 5ay to5ay a33airs. ▪   <re2aring $noie  <urhase or5ers ▪   $nterating 7ith =ore Agents at the time o3 Curreny 2urhase. •   Highly assertive.   •   Self-motivated and problem resolution oriented.   •   Professional interpersonal & communication skills, ability to multi task, prioritize and handle pressure.   •   Highly organized, efficient, results oriented and motivated.   •   Good knowledge in MS Office applications.   •   Excellent at calculation, analysis and observation.   •   Excellent in time management.   •   Good at people management.   •   Good at training.      ▪   Han5ling rael $nsurane 3or em2loyees at the time o3 isiting a/roa5 ▪   Monitor all Statutory Com2liane areas li8e <re2aration an5 =iling o3 S, <, <=, ES$  Serie a ▪   S2eialiation in han5ling intero33ie orres2on5ene, ▪   Con3i5ential mails, Duotations, monthly /illing, heDues, et. ▪   #erall res2onsi/ility to ahiee the organiational goals an5 targets 1.* years o3 e2eriene as Aount <roess Eeutie 3or ;reet tehnologies <riate lt5 sister onern o3 tally solutions 2riate lt5F ?ey res2onsi/ilities:5uties ▪   #ersee lient serie re2resentatie grou2s an5 ma8e sure lients reeie instant   serie.   ▪   Sustain an5 maintain an u2to5ate reor5.   ▪   o ommuniate 7ith the lients through 2hones, internet, 3a, mails or meet   them 2ersonally to 5isuss ustomer 2ro/lems.   ▪   =ollo7 organiationGs 2rotools 7hile 5isussing 7ith the ustomers regar5ing   their 2ro/lems.   ▪   Manage all ustomer reDuirements an5 Dueries an5 sole their 2ro/lems s7i3tly.   ▪   o ommuniate 7ith the lient ho7 he an maintain the aounts 7ith inentory    in the tally so3t7are   ▪   o 2ro/e5 the ustomer ho7 he an maintain his aounts relate5 5ata an5 ho7    he an 3ile the taes relate5 to the entral as 7ell as state ta.   ▪   Reoniling /an8 5ata o3 the ustomer 7hih he is maintaining in the so3t7are   an, ommuniating internal 5ata to u22er management an5 3in5ing ne7 7ays to   im2roe series as 7ell as our 2ro5ut.   E5uational Huali3iation ni,ersity:Boar5   uration   <erentage   Bahelor o3 Commere   Bangalore niersity    *""'*"1*   !6I   <re niersity    <. Boar5   *""+*""'   !)I   SS%C   State Boar5   *""+   6*I      Com2uter <ro3iieny& •   ally ER< '   •   MS #33ie J Eel, Ms 9or5, <o7er <oint  Ms #utloo8    <ersonal etails& Name & Ramesh V ate o3 Birth & "41*1''1 ;en5er & Male Marital Status & Single =atherGs Name  & Ven8ataramana22a %anguages ?no7n & English, Hin5i, ?anna5a, elugu,  amil. Nationality & $n5ian ther $nterest & Musi, raeling  Cri8et. elaration& $ 5o here /y on3irm that the in3ormation gien in this 3orm is true to 5o the /est o3 my 8no7le5ge an5 /elie3. Place: Bangalore Ramesh.V Date:
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