To the Lighthouse and Between the Acts: Entering a Lesbian Field of Vision

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To the Lighthouse and Between the Acts: Entering a Lesbian Field of Vision
  Virginia Woolf  THECUTTINGEDGE  Lesbian Life and Literature   THECUTTINGEDGE  Lesbian Life and Literature  Series Editor:Karla Jay Professor of English and Women’s Studies  pace university EDITORIAL BOARD  Judith Butler Rhetoric  university of california,berkeley Blanche Wiesen Cook History and Women’s Studies  john jay college and cityuniversity of new yorkgraduate center Diane Griffin Crowder French and Women’s Studies cornell college  Joanne GlasgowEnglish and Women’s Studies bergen community college  Marny HallPsychotherapist and Writer Celia Kitzinger Social Studies loughborough university,uk  Jane MarcusEnglish and Women’s Studies city college and city university of new yorkgraduate center Biddy MartinGerman Studies and Women’s Studies cornell university Elizabeth A. MeeseEnglish university of alabama Esther NewtonAnthropology SUNY, purchase Terri de la Peña Novelist/Short Story Writer Ruthann Robson Writer  law school, queens collegecity university of new york  Leila J. RuppHistory ohio state university Ann Allen ShockleyLibrarian fisk university Elizabeth Wood Musicologist and Writer Committee on Theory and Culture new york university Bonnie Zimmerman Women’s Studies san diego state university  THECUTTINGEDGE  Lesbian Life and Literature  Series Editor:Karla Jay  The Cook and the Carpenter:ANovel by the Carpenter  by June Arnoldwith an introduction by Bonnie Zimmerman  Ladies Almanack  by Djuna Barneswith an introduction by Susan Snaider Lanser  Virginia Woolf: Lesbian Readings  edited by Eileen Barrett and Patricia Cramer   Adventures of the Mind: The Memoirs of  Natalie Clifford Barney  translated by John Spalding Gattonwith an introduction by Karla Jay Sophia Parnok: The Life and Work of Russia’s Sappho by Diana Burgin Paint It Today by H.D. (Hilda Doolittle) edited and with an introduction byCassandra Laity The Angel and the Perverts  by Lucie Delarue-Mardrustranslated and with an introduction by Anna Livia  Heterosexual Plots and Lesbian Narratives   Marilyn R. Farwell
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