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What Is Leadership PPT @ BEC DOMS
  What Is Leadership  T he McKinsey Seven-S Model Strategy ³Structurefollowsstrategy´ StructureStaff SystemsSharedValuesStyleSkills  Get theright peopleon the bus.  What Is Leadership?  B ennis & O¶ T oole 0n Leadership* ³Leadership is a combination of personal behaviors that allow anindividual to enlist dedicated followers and create other leadersin the process.´³«they demonstrate integrity, provide meaning, generatetrust, and communicate values .´³«they energize their followers , humanely push people to meetchallenging goals , and all the while develop leadership skills inothers.´³Real leaders, in a phrase, move the human heart .´An effective leader is a ³pragmatic dreamer.´ * ³ Don¶t Hi re   the W rong CEO, ´ W arren B enn i s   and J ames O ¶Toole , Harvard Business Review, M ay- J une 2000.  Kotter on Leadership Leadership is about coping with change.Focuses on change and innovation Focuses on the big picture Focuses on strategies that take calculated risks Focuses on people¶s values and dignity You can¶t manage people into battle; they need,deserve, and want to be led.
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